That Time I started to Blog…. again

Oh… hey there, its me. Don’t remember me, well let’s get started. Here’s 10 things about me that are important RIGHT NOW…

  1. My name is Amanda.
  2. Call me Mandy and for the love of your children, never give them two names. Its really confusing as you grow up and start a real job. (Actually it’s not but for some, it’s impossible for them to understand.)
  3. I have ONE cat. And I love her very much. This does not make me a crazy cat lady. But I can talk about her for hours so be careful if you ask anything about her…

    Marley The Cat: almost 6 yrs ago she came into my life

    Marley The Cat

  4. I went to THE Ohio State University. #BuckeyeForLife
  5. I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees. (also known as a Landscape Architect & I love being a Landscape Architect.)
  6. I like to run. I like to run far.
  7. Beer is good for you AND me!
  8. I enjoy cooking & I’m pretty good at it.
  9. My family is my everything. My friends are my family. Don’t f with either or you have to deal with me.
  10. I swear a lot and I won’t ever apologize for it.  I do try to keep it under control if old people or children are around.

So that’s a few things about me. There is much more but those are the easiest things to write about for now and hopefully we’ll all learn a few things along the way, which is always a good time. Welcome to my blog. Let’s enjoy this ride…


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