That time… I was a week out from a trip of a lifetime.

So many times in life we make lists… list of things to do for a project at work, grocery items to buy for the week, marathons you want to run, or places you want to visit on vacation.  Those mundane weekly lists can sometimes take over from the big picture- the bucket list items like run a marathon in Rome or visit the Great Pyramids in Egypt, or for me, go on a Safari in Africa.

My bucket list of places to visit isn’t written down, its sort of kept in my head, close to my heart. As someone who loves to make lists and loves it even more when I cross off items on my list— a bucket list just seems too raw— like if I don’t actually cross any of those places off, have I failed myself?

My “world travels” aren’t very extensive. I like to think they are but who am I kidding, they’re not.  I’ve done a cruise from Barcelona, to Italy, & France. I’ve spent lets than 24 hours in Paris and that’s about it. I am lucky enough to say I have been to Israel and Jordan, twice, within a year. I never thought I’d get to go once, let alone twice. My friend and her husband were living over there & she let me, along with several friends come visit. She was also kind enough to host my parents & I approximately 8 months later. It is a trip (both times) that I will never forget, each giving me memories that will forever make me smile.


Mom and Dad in Petra, Jordan 

But here I am, a week out from a bucket list trip, a trip of a lifetime, & one I probably won’t ever repeat.  I am excited, I am anxious, and I am overwhelmed with all the things I need to do between now & when I leave.

Where am I going… stay tuned!! Hopefully the anxiety will fade away and the excitement will take over…


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