Day 1: First stop in Bruge


imageOur trip to Belgium was the relaxing few days until our big Ugandan adventure. We hadn’t really worried about what we were going to see in each place but had an idea of a few places we wanted to stop.  Beer, waffles, and frites were on my radar! And I’m not going to lie, my travel buddies did all the work, I just was along for the beer.

Brussels airlines is pretty stellar, at least from the US to Belgium.  The food was actually kinda good and there were plenty of movie options. I watched parts of Captain America, The Jungle Book, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2- and I got a decent amount of sleep.

Getting through customs was rather easy and the train station was a few floors below where we got our bags.  We were off to Bruge, about an hour ride out of Brussels, northwest of the city.  The countryside was rather green with slightly rolling hills, and we saw fields of corn, and cows and horses out grazing. One of the most exciting things for me, as we pulled into one of the stops along the way, there was a place to lock up your bike- hundreds of bikes people rode to the station to hop the train. Made my landscape architect heart so happy!

imageWe got to Bruge, a very popular stop and found our way to the hotel. It was maybe 10 mins but when pulling/ carrying 1550 pounds of luggage, it felt like eternity. Our first stop was the De Halve Mann brewery. We were going to go on the tour but decided to just sit in the cute little courtyard and drink beer. The weather was a relief from the DC temps- it was maybe 72 and partly cloudy with a little breeze- kinda perfect if you ask me.  The locals had on light winter coats and looked pretty bundled up.  At the Brewery, we had the Blonde, the Double, the Triple, and the Triple Wild. All I know is they were delicious, over 6% alcohol, and made us have the giggles. We also saw a 12 year old boy enjoy his Belgium beer after the tour and wondered “WHY DOES AMERICA HAVE SO MANY STUPID RULES!”

We walked around a bit and found a cafe to have lunch and… More beer! The cheese croquettes, waffle with ice cream and chocolate, and frites had to be ate. We then walked over to the Central Market to catch a walking tour but we couldn’t find it. So we took a boat cruise along the canals to see some of the architecture and town.  It was a fun little hour to spend just relaxing and enjoying the scenery.  We headed to dinner and then off to bed at approximately 7pm Belgium time. Traveling is hard.


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