Day 2: Brussels


Let’s be real, Europe does a few things better than America, like public transportation, designing great squares, and probably my favorite- BREAKFAST!!! Our breakfast was included with our hotel so we got up bright and early because we went to bed at 7pm and were wide awake, ready to go.

imageBreakfast was served and its some of my favorites— I mean who doesn’t love some salty meats and cheese at 7am? We also had chocolate croissants and fruits.  I made myself a little sandwich and had some fruit. After about 30 minutes we were ready to head back to the train station to catch the train back to Brussels.

We got back to the station in plenty of time to catch our train. We found the handicap/bike car so we had enough room to stretch out with our bags and they were out of the way. Once in Brussels, it was again a death march with our 1500 lbs of bags but once we got to our hotel and dropped off that extra weight, we were ready to tour the town.

imageOur first stop was the peeing girl statue and I have to say it was rather hilarious.  That girl had a look of satisfaction on her face and honestly, when you have to go real bad, it sure is satisfying when you get to go!  After that we headed to the Delerium Cafe for… BEER, duh. We only had one each and then headed to the Market Square for a free walking tour. We stopped at a cafe along the the Square to grab a quick bite to eat and the heavens opened, but not until after we ordered more beer, guacamole and salsa with our main course- grilled cheese! We ended up missing the walking tour only because we ordered another beer and it was still raining.  I like me some good architecture tours but I don’t like me some soaking wet shoes. And it rained pretty hard.

We just made our own walking tour and headed to the peeing boy, who was wearing a cute little Belgium Olympic jacket and pants. We stopped at another cafe for more beer, and a snack of cheese and bread. Soon after we finished the plate of 8 different cheeses, we then took off back to the hotel.

I went for a run and will write about that later. Overall it was a great day in Brussels, even though it rained a little.

Beer is great! Waffles are delicious!





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