Day 3 and 4: Travel to Entebbe, Uganda and Rest day

Overall the Brussels airport wasn’t too bad considering all the recent events. There was an “Africa” check in section, which wasn’t overly crowded. Our 1500lbs of luggage made it on the flight without having to move anything around. The walk from the security area to the gate was insanely long but thankfully we had plenty of time.

imageThe flight: I now know what it feels like to be mentally tortured. I sat next to a complete psychopath for 8 hours and I have to say, it was awful. This dude was traveling from England to Uganda to meet a woman he met on an “international dating site”.  I was not interested in his crazy but he really wouldn’t shut up, even when I had my ear buds in. He then followed me to the bathroom to make sure I was ok and by then it was about time to land. THANK YOU BABY JESUS. He was insane. I hope to never see him again, ever.

imageThe drive from the airport: these folks drive on the wrong side of the road. And they pass down the two lane highway three cars wide- add people just crossing the middle of the road (highway with everyone going at least 60mph) that has no street lights, and boda-boda’s (motorcycles) zipping all around on all sides of the car—– thank God it was dark but holy shit it was scary. It took a solid 1.5 hours but we finally made it to our host house.

Rest Day in Entebbe: We slept in a bit and got up to visit with our host, the brother and sister in law of one of my travel friends.  Her cute little 1 year old nephew is here too so we all got acquainted with the little guy and headed off to the Mall to eat breakfast.  The Mall is a 3 story outdoor building with a central courtyard. It has restaurants and shops that the typical Ugandan does not shop or eat at, it’s too expensive.  Our breakfast was great and we came back to the house to hang out for a little while before we headed off to the bigger mall to do some souvenir shopping, have lunch, and some afternoon coffee. When we got home we packed up our stuff for our four day safari trip  to Murchison Falls National Park.


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