Day 5, 6, & 7: Murchison Falls (part 2)

Ok— so we got up bright and early for our game drive. I wanna say it was close to 5am but it could have been 5:30, that was on Tuesday and I am writing this on Friday. A quick funny- when we went to bed on Monday in our room, it was so dark that two of us were a little nervous and had to leave the bathroom light on. There was no lights anywhere to be seen. And by dark I mean close your eyes and that’s how dark it was with our eyes open.

Back to the game drive, since it was our first Wilson wanted to make sure we got out early enough to see as much as possible. When it’s cooler, the animals are out more and moving around.  It was overcast so we knew we would have great luck finding the animals and seeing everything we wanted.  We probably drove about 30 mins and we spotted some water buffalo and other smaller animals. Of corse we stopped to take pictures and Wilson kindly reminded us, “there are many of these in the park, we must move on to find the big ones” and off we went.

Just a bit about the landscape- it was very green and hilly.  It’s the beginning of the rainy season and everything was a bright fresh green.  There were tons of Acacia tree along with palm trees scattered throughout.  The dirt was a real rich red and there were giant termite or ant hills all around.  I was surprised to see all the trees and how green it was.

I have this weird knack for seeing animals- I am a good spotter and might be able to change careers down the road. I found us some giraffes and Wilson told us “once you see one, you see many” and holy shit was he right! They were everywhere and they run around in squads of at least 6 or more.  We also saw two male lions, which is rare because typically the males don’t hunt together.  There was a traffic jam on the roads of all the safari cars that wanted to see these two. We also saw a mamma elephant with her wobbly little baby, who was probably just born. Let’s all just hope they found their pack and make it.

That afternoon we took a boat cruise down the Victoria Nile River to the bottom of Muchison Falls. Along the way we encountered a bunch of hippos, crocs, and birds.  We dropped some folks off at a trail that takes you to the top of the falls and then headed back up the river to see some more animals.

On our ride back, we saw this hippo standing out of the water. I had my zoom lens on my cameras and said “she’s either shitting or having a baby” and out popped a freaking little hippo! NO JOKE! (We are the god mothers and look forward to our little hippo growing up the big hippo we all know she can be!) I have pictures on my big camera and will post when I get home.

Once we were back on land, we were taking pictures of the baboons from our truck when suddenly a baboon took off running, shimmied up the back of the truck, jumped in the open top, swung around and hopped out the side door as the lady, who was trying to get into the car opened it. And the baboon had a banana in his hand.  The next thing we know about 3 baboons take off after him to get the banana. This all happened in about 10 seconds, no shit.  It was unreal! I immediately looked up to make sure our top was closed and our entire car erupted in “I can not believe that just happened!”  Baboons- a total menace.

Once back at the hotel, we had dinner and we’re off to bed. It was a full day in Murchison Falls National Park.

We left at 6:45am to catch the ferry back across the river. We encountered more baboons along the road and were back in Kampala at 1:30ish. We had to clean up, switch out clothes, and then off the next day to Queen Elizabeth National Park for some more fun.

Side Note: these pictures were all take on my iPhone. They might be a bit fuzzy, sorry. I have better pictures on my big cameras but can’t download until after my trip.




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