Day 8, 9, 10: Queen Elizabeth National Park (part 2)

We had a great day one at the park and got to sleep in, leaving the lodge at 9am. Our next mission was to find the tree lions, in the Ishasha section of the park. By leaving later, the hotter is was going to be and the more likely the lions would be up in the trees, keeping cool.

As we were leaving our lodge, we came across some elephants. One acted like he was going to charge us, but Wilson revved the engine and off we went.  It was getting quite warm so we had very high hopes of seeing the lions.  We drove through a village, crossed the river, and we were back in the park.

The landscape was quite dry- tall grasses and acacia trees scattered around.  We saw some pretty big elephants off on the horizon and these elephants looked a lot bigger than the ones we had seen up to this point.  We drove for awhile, when Wilson stopped along the road. He pointed out to a tree about 1/2 mile away and said, “I think there are lions in there.”  We all strained our eyes, looked through the zoom lens of the camera and we not sure.  I personally thought it was a knot in the tree. Another truck pulled up. That guide and Wilson talked for and few minutes, and Wilson comes back to the car, “there are lions out there and we are going to see them.”

Off we went through the savannah grass, which is totally against the rules.  It was a bumpy ride but as we approached, I’ll be damned- there they were, 6 lions in the tree. We circled the tree a few times to take some pictures and we were off. Wilson didn’t want to get a fine for being out there. We told him we’d pay it, all $150.00 US dollars. He wanted us to see them so it was the least we could do… But we didn’t get caught, got some great pictures, and got to see the tree lions! YAY us!

We drove a bit longer and stopped for lunch along the river, with The Congo a stones throw a way. There were a few hippos popping up in the water and a giant lizard running around.  It was a relaxing lunch in the shade.

After lunch Wilson got a call from his buddy and we got to see 6 more lions up in a different tree. We got to spend a good 1/2 hour watching them sleep and taking some great pictures.

We soon left the park and we’re off to Bwindi to see the gorillas.  The drive to our lodge was a bumpy up and down the hills, to the mountains of Bwindi.


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